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Addressing LGBTI+ Hate Crime, Hate Speech & Access to Justice in Europe and Central Asia

Времева рамка:
текущ - август 2024 г.


  • Improved, safe, and secure, hate crime & hate speech reporting and referral capabilities for local LGBTI+ communities, ensuring effective support following all forms of violence, including threats, intimidation, harassment, abuse, sexual violence, and psychological or physical harm.

  • Enhanced awareness, understanding, empathy, and respect towards LGBTI+ people within local law enforcement agencies, leading to increased and proactive engagement from police and other such authorities, in preventing, mitigating and responding to hate crimes and hate speech targeted at LGBTI+ communities

  • Strengthened internal reporting, monitoring and accountability mechanisms within local law enforcement agencies, leading to increased protection, safety, and support for LGBTI+ persons at risk of violence or who have experienced violence, due to hate crimes or hate speech.

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