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Equal Together

Времева рамка:
текущ - декември 2024 г.


  • Empowering CSOs of vulnerable communities to respond to intolerance, discrimination, hate speech/hate crimes. Rolling out five regional practical trainings for CSOs/activists focusing on specific widespread problems identified during the needs assessment (e.g. evictions, lack of IDs/address registration, educational discrimination, hate speech, hate crimes that will provide practical tools for action. The project will also have a particular focus on hate speech and hate crimes (increased awareness of the new ECtHR standards in fighting political anti-minority hate speech).

  • Strategic advocacy before the Bulgarian local and national authorities in connection with discrimination faced by the ethnic and LGBTIQ communities, about outstanding obligations and deficits in hate crime legislation. Minority-lead ad hoc advocacy in response to cases of intolerance with the public authorities.

  • Awareness raising campaign to raise understanding of hate crimes/enhance reporting.


Ромска академия за култура и образование

Либерлна алтернатива за ромско гражданско обеднение

Сдружение Интегро


Български Хелзински Комитет

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